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Numerology in Real Estate – What Numbers Mean for Your House?

numerology in real estate

Are you someone who gets spooked about the number 13? Yes? Then this article is for you. Just like location, budget, connectivity, and urban conveniences, Vastu, and numerology play a very important role in influencing your behavior -especially when it comes to real estate. We take a look at how these numbers play such a huge role in your life.

Numbers from 1 to 9 are assigned properties while 11 and 22 are considered the Master numbers. Whether to believe in numerology or not, that’s a choice. According to Numerology, each number has a quality associated with it.

Number One
Houses with number 1 promote independence, ambition, innovation, and leadership.

Number Two
Houses with number 2 promote creativity, patience, love, family, and comfort.

Number Three
Houses with number 3. A lucky number, indicate visitors, creativity, communication, and growth of a family.

Number Four
Houses with number 4 offer solidity and security and relates to the earth and real estate.

Number Five
Houses with number 5 are a great place for entertaining friends and family

Number Six
Houses with the number 6 are good for families and artists and provide beauty, nurturing and love.

Number Seven
Houses with the number 7 are good for solitary people; people who are writers, researchers, nature lovers as such homes inspire deep thoughts and insights. Adding a water element to such homes will promote tranquillity.

Number Eight
Houses with the number 8 promote prosperity as this is the number of money and is good for entrepreneurs or those with ambitions.

Number Nine
Houses with the number 9 promote compassion, acceptance and creativity. 9 is the universal number of loving energy and travel. These homes make everyone feel welcome and help in healing.

So how do you find the house number best suited for you?

Adding together birth date numerals to arrive at a number between 1 and 9 can give the life path number. Alphabets in a person’s name have a numeric value which can be added together to arrive at a single digit which is called the destiny number. According to numerologists, matching these with the house number can result in buying a home that has harmony, and helps you live a peaceful and purposeful life.

You can either consult a numerologist or check on one of the free online tools if you believe in numerology. At Fortius Infra, we have attempted to make the property stick to the rules stipulated by Vastushastra and numerology to make your lives simpler.

No Possession Date in Sale Agreement? Here Are Your Options

sales agreement possession date

When it comes to investing in real estate, you have to be very careful. It can get tricky at times, and you need to get assistance from a legal consultant before you sign across the dotted line. Especially, if you are a first-time investor and not familiar with many real estate terms.
The Sale Agreement is one such document that has to be thoroughly scrutinized.

What are the key elements in a sale agreement?

In India, the ‘Property Sale Agreement’ comes under the Indian Contract Act,1872, the Registration Act,1908, and the Transfer of Property Act.

The sale agreement is a technical document that will have a series of terms that you need to understand thoroughly. Sale, for example, is a transaction where the money is exchanged, in part or in whole, for the transferring of ownership of a particular piece of property in whole.

Here is what should be included in your sale agreement:

Payment terms including clear guidelines on the dates.
Transferring of property title
Stamp duty
Sale deed.

What is the importance of the possession date?

In simple terms, possession date is that date on which the builder or the seller of the property has agreed to hand over the said property to the buyer. The new set of stipulations that have come into effect post introducing RERA stresses that the possession date has to be mentioned in the sale agreement. Possession date can also mean completion date in some cases.

How does it help homebuyers?

Before RERA was set up, a builder could delay the project endlessly causing the investor huge losses. In order to help the homebuyer, RERA stipulates the date to be set in black and white before the buyer makes his decision. If the waiting period is prolonged, the buyer would have to spend on pre-EMI. This also gives the home buyer the provision of redressing their grievances to an appellate body.

The agreement of sale, according to the new RERA stipulations, shall specify particular details of the project including the construction of buildings and apartments, along with specifications, internal development works and external development works, the date on which the possession of the apartment, plot or building is to be handed over, etc.

Fortius Infra is one of the first companies that has registered and sanctioned RERA stipulations. To know more call us.

New GST Structure on Real Estate

gst structure real estate

The last few years have been disruptive for the real estate sector. RERA coming into effect, demonetization and the new GST rules have changed how people invested drastically. As of 1, April 2019, the GST council has brought about a sea of change in their norms for real estate investment.

The developers have two options for their ongoing projects, where construction has started before April 1, 2019. They can either go ahead with the old tax rate of 12% with the credit or with a new 5% rate without credit.

For affordable projects, the new rate is 8% with credit and 1% without credit. For affordable housing, the cap on the price of the property is Rs 45 Lakh for both metro and non-metro cities. However, the project will have to meet the carpet area requirements of 60 sq. mt. in metros and 90 sq. mt. in non-metros to be eligible for the 1% rate. The new rates will be applicable from April 1, 2019.

Salient features of decisions taken by the GST Council in the 34th meeting held on 19th March, 2019

Option for under-construction projects

Under Construction projects as on 31st March, 2019 shall have an option to choose old rates (effective rate of 8% or 12% with ITC) with input tax credit or new rates without input tax credit.

If the option is not exercised within the prescribed time limit then new rates shall apply.

Conditions for the new tax rates:

Atleast 80% of the material to be procured from registered dealers. Further, on shortfall of purchases from 80%, tax shall be paid by the builder @ 18% on RCM basis.

However, Tax on cement purchased from an unregistered person shall be paid @ 28% under RCM, and on capital goods under RCM at applicable rates.

Input tax credit shall not be available.

Applicability of new tax rates:

The new tax rates which shall be applicable as follows:

1% without input tax credit (ITC) on the construction of affordable houses shall be available for:

Houses having area of 60 sqm in non- metros / 90 sqm in metros and value upto RS. 45 lakhs

Under construction affordable houses presently eligible for concessional rate of 8% GST (after 1/3rdland abatement)
5% without input tax credit shall be applicable on the construction of:

Under construction houses other than affordable houses presently booked prior to or after 01.04.2019. For houses booked prior to 01.04.2019, new rate shall be available on installments payable on or after 01.04.2019.

Commercial apartments having a carpet area of not more than 15% of the total carpet area of all apartments.

The transition for ongoing projects opting for the new tax rate:

Ongoing projects not been completed by 31.03.2019 shall transition the ITC in proportion to the booking of the flat and invoicing done for the booked flat is available subject to a few safeguards.

For mixed project transition of ITC shall be allowed on a pro-rata basis in proportion to the carpet area of the commercial portion.

Treatment of TDR/ FSI and Long term lease for projects commencing after 01.04.2019

Supply of TDR, FSI, long term lease (premium) of land by a landowner to a developer shall be exempted with the condition constructed flats are sold before issuance of completion certificate and tax is paid on them.

The exemption can be withdrawn (limited to 1% of value in case of affordable houses and 5% of value in case of other than affordable houses) if flats sold after the issue of completion certificate.

The builder shall be liable to pay tax on TDR, FSI, long term lease (premium) on the date of issue of completion certificate.

All these are subject to change as per the new council meeting reports.

What does it mean for you and me?

Beyond the technical and financial jargon, what it means for a homebuyer can be summed up in one word. Benefits. First and foremost, it will reduce the pricing disparity between under-construction and completed projects. The guarantees that RERA offers when coupled with a reduction in price will dispel hesitation associated with investing in under-construction properties. This will incentivize sales of under-construction properties and spur demand for new projects which will bring you competitive rates.

At Fortius Infra, we are GST compliant making it easier for you to take your decision.

Things to Do Before Closing Your Home Loan

home loan tips

So, we take it that you are all set to pay up the last installment of your home loan EMI. We understand you will be experiencing a unique mix of relief and pleasure while doing it. While you celebrate the achievement of owning a debt-free house, you need to complete certain tasks that have a direct impact on your credit score and property records. After settling your housing loan, you need to ensure that you do these tasks with due diligence.

Your documents

Checklists are a way of life now. Remember the list of documents that you had to present to the bank when you took the loan? Refer to that and ensure that you make it a point to collect all the documents presented to the lender at the time of availing the loan. Some of these documents include the sale deed, title deed, loan agreement, and power of attorney. You also need to ensure that the documents are in good condition, with all the pages intact before you sign the acknowledgment.

The no dues certificate

One of the most important documents which should be collected after the repayment of the loan is the No Dues Certificate (NDC). The NDC ensures that all the dues have been settled and the lender does not have any rights or claim on the property. Double-check the NDC from the lender and make sure that it specifies the address of the property against which the loan was taken, the name of the borrower, and the loan account number.

Lien status

There are times when the lender may put a lien on the property. This prevents you from selling the property. In such cases, the lien should be removed after the repayment of the loan. The procedure will require a visit to the Registrar’s Office along with an official from the lender’s side.


Request the lender to inform CIBIL regarding the closure of the loan account. The process should take about 30 days from the date of loan closure.

Your Guide to Taxes on Vacant Properties

vacant properties tax guide

While we can say that real estate is one of the best asset classes for investment, we have to bear in mind that ownership comes at a cost. If you are someone who owns more than one property, there is a likelihood that you might attract various taxes and levies. Apart from the property tax and wealth tax that you pay on your real estate assets, you also have to pay tax on the rental income if you let out your property. However, did you know that you also have to pay income tax on a property if it is left vacant? Here is a demystifier.

Why pay taxes on a vacant property?

Though the tax under the head “income from house property” is supposed to be on income, it is a tax levied not on rent but on the basic capacity of a building to yield income. Termed the “annual value” this is the sum for which the property might reasonably be expected to be rented out a year to year basis. The tax, here is calculated on a notional basis. To put it otherwise, the annual value of the property is the amount that a property can earn when it is rented out in a year.

What are the deductions?

You can claim deductions like municipal taxes that are to be borne by the landlord and not the tenant. The standard permissible deduction limit is set at 30% of the annual value of the property for repairs and maintenance.

Calculating tax on vacant property

Step 1: There are four factors considered for calculating the gross annual value of the property.

These include:

The actual rent received on the property (not applicable if the property remains vacant throughout the year).

The municipal value of the property as determined by the local civic body.

The fair rent of the property, which is similar to what other properties are fetching in the same locality.

The standard rent if the property in question falls under the purview of the Rent Control Act.

Step 2: Deduct municipal taxes

Step 3: You get net annual value, also known as NAV

Step 4: Deduct standard deductions from the net annual value

Step 5: Include the result under income from house property

What should you do?

Remember that you are free to specify any one of the properties that you own to be self-occupied, you should first calculate the annual value of each property and then choose the one with the highest annual value as self-occupied. You can claim all the deductions while calculating the annual value.

At Fortius Infra, we offer you a complete end to end guidance for all your home-related woes. Contact us for more details.

Flaws of Taking Home Loan

Disadvantages of Taking Home Loan

From tax rebates to various other benefits, much has been written about the plus points of taking a home loan. Just like a coin having two sides, taking a home loan has some downsides too.

Tips to Decorate the Accent Wall

Tips to Decorate the Accent Wall - Fortius Waterscape

Accent walls basically feature walls that work the same way an exclamation mark does at the end of a sentence. It makes space stand out and pops up the overall look and feel of the room. These focal walls can be made to stand out and can add interest to your room with minimal effort by something as simple as a can of paint.

Ways to Bring Light into a Dark Apartment

A dark and dreary home is a depressing place to be. If your home is the type where the sun plays hide-and-seek creating shadowy corners and overcast living rooms, then it’s high time you did something about it. A well-lit home isn’t just more inviting, it’s also great for your overall wellbeing. Here are some bright and sunny ideas to fill those dark pockets in your home with daylight:

-The obvious place to begin with would be the windows. Clean windows that are free of grime, dust or splatters can have a huge effect on the sunlight streaming into the rooms.. A monthly cleanup from the inside and a bi-annual clean-up from the exterior will work wonders to bring in more natural light.

-The colours you use is an integral element in the play of light. Neutral decor scheme does a lot for brightening up a space. Go for pastel colours on the walls, preferably in glossy finishes as it reflects light better. The same principle applied on the floor means lighter shades that improve the ambience as well as amplify light. Similarly, think pastel colours for your furnishing as they augment the luminosity of any room.

-Placing furniture, displays or potted plants in front of windows and balconies will end up blocking the entry of natural daylight. To create a clear path of natural light, you should clear the clutter away from the front. Restrict the number of window pots to a minimum and opt for smaller pots. Clearing clutter away from your balcony will also improve the path of light.

-Glass doors are another option when it comes to inviting in daylight. Swap them for traditional wooden doors and see the difference!

-Mirrors can be used for more than just improving the ambience of your room. When placed strategically opposite windows, mirrors can multiply the throw of natural light pouring in. Placing mirrors on walls facing the east or west, channels in more natural daylight throughout the day.

– Translucent drapes hung over windows facing the east or west not only serve to cut out the glare of harsh sunlight at peak hours, but also allows for more light compared to regular drapes during the rest of the day.

However, if you are buying one of the spacious ready-to-move-in ‘Fortius Waterscape’ apartments located next to the Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake in Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, you wouldn’t have to worry about dark corners as the thoughtful designing makes way for plenty of natural lighting.

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Zeroing in on the Right Apartment

Buying a new apartment requires a lot of meticulous planning as you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with this big investment. There are a number of key features that you must look into when zeroing in on the right apartment. Here’s a quick look at these features:

  • Location – This is a very important feature as you can change what’s inside your home, but you can’t change the location. An ideal location should provide easy accessibility to important parts of the city as well as offer up-to-date infrastructure.
  • Neighborhood – A good neighborhood increases the value of your home as well as improves the quality of life. Ensure there are no sources of pollution or nefarious activities around your home.
  • Builder – Going with a reliable builder who has a clean reputation of timely deliveries and quality of product will benefit you in the long run.
  • Amenities – Check out whether the facilities, amenities and luxuries that the builder has promised actually exist on the ground too.
  • Area – Don’t get fooled by the square foot area promised on the shiny brochure. Find out the exact ‘carpet area’, ‘built-up area’ as well as the ‘super built-up area’ of your future apartment.
  • Legalities – Do ensure that the permits, designs and construction norms have all been followed as per government rules and regulations. You should also ensure there are no encumbrances attached to the said property.

Once you have cleared the air on all these features, you are free to go ahead and finalize on your new home! For those living in Bangalore, Fortius Infra is offering innovatively architected, ready-to-move-in 2 and 3 BHK apartment homes. These are favorably located just off the Old Madras Road and within short proximity of the KR Puram Bridge and the Whitefield IT hub.

Offering easy connectivity to other parts of the city, these Fortius Waterscape apartments are located in a much-sought-after premium neighborhood offering wonderful views of the Yele Mallapa Shetty Lake nearby. It offers large open spaces comprising 80% of the 2.3 acres project area providing a lush green screen from the hustle-bustle of the city and a much-needed lung space.

What’s more, these Vastu-compliant apartments come in contemporary designs with no shared walls, thus enhancing privacy. It also offers world-class amenities and a myriad of activities catering to your whole family. This apartment project is also the recipient of the coveted IGBC Gold certification for Green Homes, enhancing its suatainability appeal even further. Why not get more details about these apartments here:

Make Way for an Uncluttered Bedroom!

The bedroom is your own personal haven, the place you aspire for after a long day away from home. This is all the reason more why it should be a comfortable, uncluttered zone that evokes peace and tranquility….a place to relax and rejuvenate and get a good nights’ sleep. However, the reality is usually a little different as most people’s bedrooms end up cluttered with the things used on a day-to-day basis.
Since a tidy bedroom is essential for a good night’s sleep, here are some tips to keep your bedroom neat and tidy:

  • Take a good look around your bedroom and ask yourself if you really need all the stuff in there. You might have furniture like chairs or settees or showpieces that you don’t use or need. They are cluttering up your room unnecessarily if you aren’t really using them – so toss them out.
  • The bed should be the predominant feature in your room, but its size should complement the space in the room and not make it look too cramped up. Everyone loves a big bed, but it should leave enough space to move around without tripping over something!
  • The area under the bed is ideal for storing some of the bulkier items. You can use this space not only as your linen closet but also for storing blankets and duvets.
  • There are these little things that end up scattered all over the room as they are used on a daily basis. You can get matching neutral-colored storage bins with labels to keep these tidbits better organized.
  • Keep the horizontal surfaces in your bedroom as empty as possible. Bedside tables should have minimal items on them. Drawers are best for storage but they can get messed up with time. Create boxes in your drawers for keeping smaller items like jewelry, medicines, glasses, keys, etc. Label other drawers for keeping bigger things like magazines, documents or clothing accessories.
  • Avoid taking your work to bed – unless you have a work desk in your bedroom. Your bedroom could end up getting really messy with laptop, cables, files and documents otherwise.
  • The most important way to keep your bedroom neat is to practice discipline on a daily basis. De-cluttering once in six months just isn’t the right attitude. Get proactive and put away things in their designated places as you use them.

Fortius Infra has these amazing apartments ‘Fortius Waterscape’ in Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore that are a dream to live in. Find out more about these spacious apartments here: