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Choosing the Right Upholstery for your Apartment Décor

With the wide variety of upholstery available in the market, the prospect of choosing the right one to suit your apartment décor can be a little daunting. You have to wade through a sea of colors, textures, patterns and materials, each with their own pros and cons. Here’s a guide to helping you choose the right one for your home:

Durability – Since the upholstery has to face a lot of traffic, it should be of a hard-working material. While cotton is a favorite choice in the tropics, it’s a weak fabric and can be used for throw pillows instead. It’s better to go with hardy fabrics like polyester, chenille or leather which can bear more wear-and-tear. Printed and textured fabrics tend to wear out on the spots where you sit, so choose according to the use of the fabric.

Pattern – Choose patterned upholstery that enhances the geometry of your furniture as well as the size of the room. Bold patterns look great in large rooms while miniature patterns are better for smaller rooms. While furniture with clean straight lines look good with geometric patterned upholstery, floral patterns look better on round-edged sofas.

Comfort – Every type of material comes with its own pros and cons. But whichever fabric you settle on, it should be comfortable to curl up on as you watch a movie or relax with family. Your upholstery should compliment your lifestyle, so go with a fabric that is soft and comfortable to touch.

Color – Go with innovative color schemes for your upholstery that will also complement the room’s décor. Go with hues that can stay in style for years to come, as re-upholstering isn’t very pocket-friendly! Light hues on furniture will make a small room look bigger and vice versa. But if you have small kids or pets, do consider going with colors that won’t show up stains easily. And if you are choosing monochromatic upholstery, you can team it up with patterned throw pillows

Style and Texture – Go with a trendy upholstery style that speaks volumes about the room. While silk and velvet look great on traditional furniture in luxurious formal settings, leather upholstery adds class. Linen looks great on modern furniture in casual settings and damask goes well with period furniture.

Maintenance – There is no point in investing in upholstery that will be a headache to maintain and isn’t climate friendly. Go with easy-to-maintain fabrics.

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Design Musts for an Urban Indian Apartment

With big cities in India running out of space,, many homes are getting smaller. This makes it all the more important to utilize every square footage of space available to its maximal advantage – and create an illusion of spaciousness at the same time. While this can get really challenging, here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Emphasize vertical space – Instead of focusing on floor space, think of stacking things vertically. Use shelves on walls or niches to display your curios.. You can also use walls for storage by stacking bins one on top of another. And when it comes to the kid’s room, they would love the idea of bunk beds – and save you floor space! In the kitchen, you could use modular storage spaces built onto the walls that are really nifty. Wall-mounted drying racks for storing your washed dishes are another great idea.

Increase floor space – A little imagination is needed here. Go with L-shaped study tables or work surfaces that free-up space by using room corners. L-shaped sofa sets work in the same way and create the much-needed open space in your sitting room. Invest in sofas that come with storage spaces underneath them and use those for storing toys, magazines, etc.

Scale down the Furnishing – Using large-sized furniture in small homes will make them look cramped up. Go with dining sets, sofas or beds that are proportionate to the room’s size without being bulky. Trundle beds work great as they have large storage spaces beneath them for storing linen, blankets and other items. And if you are buying closets, go for taller but slimmer designs so you get your storage space, with minimal floor space usage.

Color magic – Colors play a great role in creating illusion of space. Lighter colors reflect light and make the room look larger. Darker shades of paint, patterned fabrics and printed wallpapers all tend to make spaces look smaller. Dark-colored floors or ceilings also have the same impact. Go with light-colored floors, ceilings and furnishings and open up spaces within your apartment.

Lighting – This is your best tool for creating an illusion of space. Let your sofas or dining table face the windows and open views. You could also place your light scones higher up on the walls to make rooms appear larger. Strategically-placed mirrors also work the same magic.

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Lake Crusaders: Importance of Preserving our Natural Resources

According to a report published by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), both surface and groundwater in South Asian countries including India are facing a massive quantity and quality crisis. CSE warns that unless we take precautions to preserve the water-bodies, be it rivers, lakes or ponds, the country will eventually face a dearth of drinking water. Sudden disappearance of water bodies from urban landscapes is also a cause for concern for both the government as well as the residents. One of these cities is Bangalore, where many of the water-bodies dried up as a result of urbanisation. The garden city dwellers are also facing criticism for treating its water resources as garbage dumps.

In a move to prevent this from further happening, Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) came out with a proposal to charge lake maintenance taxes to those who are staying in the lakeside apartments. The proposal, soon to be placed before the state government, focuses heavily on the protection and maintenance of lakes. The taxes will be applicable to both apartments and commercial buildings. The residents can become registered lake wardens or adopt a portion of the lake to protect and maintain it, if payment is not an option. KLCDA said that unless they come up with a solution which involves people, the condition of lakes will deteriorate even further. The realtors are also keen to keep the surroundings clean for their buyers.

Keeping the Lake Views Intact

It is the breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Bangalore that welcomes you to Fortius Infra’s maiden venture Waterscape. Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake which lies majestically in front of the apartments is the biggest attraction of Waterscape. It lends an out of the world experience to its residents along with its share of fresh air and great views.

The life on the lake facing apartments is never boring; you can pick up a hobby or two while living here in Fortius Waterscape. We are delighted to have Capt. Dileep Kumar OC (Retd) as one of our fellow residents at Fortius Waterscape. An Asian Gold medallist, former national coach and now the Secretary of the Kayaking and Canoeing Association of Karnataka, Capt. Dileep saw the potential of the Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake for water sport activities (Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing and Dragon Boat). He pursued Bangalore’s Lake Development Authority (LDA) for permission to use parts of the Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake for training paddlers and rowers. He has received the required permissions and had commenced training from 15 April 2017. Capt. Dileep who has produced several national and international level medallists, plans to grow his training programs at Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake in the coming months with the aim of producing one Olympian from this lake.

The lake is also a rare refuge in Bengaluru for many species of migratory birds. Some of these birds were caught on camera by renowned World Wildlife Trust photographer, CT Uthaiah, especially for Fortius Infra. The lake spread across 260 acres is the biggest USP of Waterscape as it gifts its residents open spaces, natural light, and abundant fresh air.

Fortius Infra has taken special care to maintain the untouched beauty of the lake intact. We try to ensure that Waterscape doesn’t hamper the wildlife or the water surrounding it in anyway. Located on Old Madras Road, Fortius Waterscape is designed following world-class infrastructure. Being close to some of the major hubs in Bangalore such as Indira Nagar, Whitefield and Outer Ring Road, makes it a smart investment choice as well.