Tips to Decorate the Accent Wall

Tips to Decorate the Accent Wall - Fortius Waterscape

Accent walls basically feature walls that work the same way an exclamation mark does at the end of a sentence. It makes space stand out and pops up the overall look and feel of the room. These focal walls can be made to stand out and can add interest to your room with minimal effort by something as simple as a can of paint.

However, the power of color shouldn’t be underestimated and you have to follow certain strategies to ensure that your accent wall directs the eye to the focal point of your choice. Here are some simple pointers to guide you through creating the perfect accent wall:

  • Dark colors or bold colors work best for the accent wall – as long as the color can be coordinated with the room’s décor. It’s important that the accent color is repeated in something outstanding in the room’s decor.
  • You could play with paint textures too; you could use matte or glossy finishes to make your accent wall stand out, or even add the power of metallic paint to make it really stand out. When using metallic paint, do ensure you have some matching metal element in your room’s decor, such as large metallic pots, sculptures or lamp shades.
  • You could also play with paint to make your accent wall more stylish. You could make thick or thin stripes with paint, which can be lateral or horizontal, depending on the size of the room and the idea you are trying to create.
    Tips to Decorate the Accent Wall - Fortius Waterscape
  • Aside from paint, other materials such as designer tiles or even stonework can also make the wall stand out. Wallpaper is another excellent idea on the accent wall and doesn’t require much commitment; you could go with chic patterns to suit your room’s overall decor.
  • Another great way to make your focal wall is by creating a photo gallery on it. When painting this wall, ensure that the color isn’t too bright that it overpowers the photos.
  • If your accent wall has windows in it, don’t paint it too darkly as it would create a bright light effect and overwhelm the room. And if the room is white, then use gentle color tones on your accent wall, to prevent it from looking garish.
  • Accent walls, however, look better if there are no doors/windows on them. They can be used to correct imperfections in a room’s proportions too.

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