Ways to Improve Air Quality within Your Apartment

Ways To Improve Air Quality - Fortius

Most people would be surprised to learn that the air indoors can be more polluted than the outdoors, even in some of the most polluted cities. With about 90% of people spending maximum time indoors, it becomes imperative that you trace the source of these pollutants and create ways to steer clear of them effectively. Since poor air quality exacerbates allergies and COPD, triggers asthma attacks and makes you more vulnerable to a host of infections, improving the air quality of your home should certainly be a major concern.


There are three categories of indoor pollutants and they include:



These are volatile organic compounds that are released as gases from household products including paint, varnish and certain cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Other sources of VOCs include furniture adhesives, craft glue, air fresheners, synthetic fragrances and even some personal care products. VOC chemicals include formaldehyde, acetone, benzene, ethylene glycol, etc.


Allergy triggers

Common indoor triggers include mold, dust mites, second-hand smoke, pollen and pet dander. Presence of moisture and dark corners triggers build-up of molds, and carpets, stuffed toys and even pillows are known to harbor dust mites. And if you have a furry pet, you are surely adding dander to the melee here.



Wood stoves, gas stoves, fireplaces and water heaters are sure to add obnoxious gases or particles to the air you breathe in, if they aren’t vented properly or have been poorly installed or maintained. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide are two common gaseous pollutants.


Ways to reduce indoor pollutants:



It’s important you open windows and other vents daily to get the stale air out and fresh air in.

Regular cleaning

You need to dust and mop your apartment frequently to prevent dust-dwelling pollutants.

Cleaning supplies

When shopping for cleaning materials, ensure they don’t contain toxic chemicals and VOCs. Alternatively, you could make your own supplies by using vinegar, baking soda and lime – the way your grandmothers did!

Grow plants

Certain indoor plants are known to act as air-purifiers to remove chemicals including formaldehyde and benzene from the air indoors. Time to invest in indoor plants like English ivy, peace lilies, money plant, bamboo palms, etc!

Clean pets

Grooming your pets on a regular basis ensures less fur and dander in your home, thus reducing allergic conditions.


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