Ways to Cut Out the Noise!

Ways to Cut Out the Noise - Fortius Waterscape

While living in the city has many advantages, it does have its share of drawbacks too. For many apartment owners, living with irritating noises that filter in from the neighbors and the neighborhood are a daily fact of life. The incessant barking of annoying pets, blaring music from next door or the roadside, and the hollering or screaming of toddlers are some of the things that can spoil your day and mood.

However, there are several inexpensive ways to soundproof your home and reduce these unwanted sounds. Here’s a look at some of these simple strategies:


Sound travels through air and when there is a gap between your main door and its frame, neighboring sounds are bound to creep in along with the bugs and dust. You could consider adding a door sweep with a thick rubber strap that you can easily install at the base of the door. And if the sides of the doors don’t seal along the edges, then you can easily seal the sides with foam weather stripping. The same method can be used for interior doors. You could also add another layer of soundproofing for the door by hanging a thick curtain to absorb any sound that still leaks in.

Reflected Noises:

Sound bounces off hard surfaces like ceilings, walls, and floors. Drop ceilings are an effective way of muffling sounds. Drowning out reflected sounds can also be done by covering the walls with rubberized textile mats, photo frames or a built-in bookcase or showcase filled with large objects that can absorb sound. You could use a thick shag rug with high-density rubber padding to absorb sounds from the floor too. Acoustic panels applied on the doors and walls are also very effective in muffling sounds.


Thick soundproofing curtains or acoustic curtains can be used to block out sounds and even deflect the sound back. And if you want to block the noise without compromising on the view, you could use window inserts. These are clear glass or plastic panels that create an airtight seal on your window and reduce noise ingression by 50%.

Ways to Cut Out the Noise - Fortius Waterscape

White Noise:

Most people find white noise very relaxing as it blocks out the other frequencies of sounds that distract us. A white noise fan serves this function well.

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