Tips to Nail Apartment Seating Layouts

Tips to Nail Apartment Seating Layouts - Fortius Waterscape

It’s quite easy to get carried away by the glamorous pictures in home decor magazines, but they aren’t always practical for most urban apartments with their space constraints. Since the living room is the space where you spend the most time, you must design the seating arrangement the right way. This can get especially tricky in compact spaces.

The key to maximizing the potentials of a compact living room is by buying the right type of seating and arranging them in such a way that even a small living room feels spacious. Here are some tips for getting the furniture layout right:


Before arranging the seating layout, think about the primary activity in the room and arrange the seating accordingly. For instance, having two sofas facing each other isn’t ideal if watching TV is the main activity.

Create Zones:

With most new apartments following the ‘open floor plan’, it’s easier to create ‘rooms’ by grouping seating arrangements together, with a rug to hold the arrangement in place. Even turning a sofa with its back to the room does the trick of dividing the room into a living area.


The size of your furniture pieces should match the size of the room. Overstuffed large sofas can cramp up the living room. Go for smaller ones to maintain a balance.

L-Shaped Arrangements:

You can save space by having an L-shaped sofa. This arrangement offers a sense of openness and space along with intimacy.

Large Planters:

Lush greenery adds interest to a room and can be tucked away into unused corners or next to sofas, making the room look bigger.

Create a Flow:

Map your furniture layout to allow room for traffic flow. Allow at least three feet space between seating pieces to prevent an oppressive atmosphere.

Multifunctional Furniture:

In a compact living room, use furnishings that serve dual purposes. An ottoman can be used as a seat or a coffee table and sofas can have storage spaces within them to free up space for movement.

Clear Horizons:

In a small room, opt for seating that doesn’t have high backrests as it reduces the sense of space. This becomes more applicable for the seating in front of windows and doors.

U-Shaped Seating:

This forms an intimate arrangement where the fourth wall usually has a TV or fireplace. U-shaped seating effectively divides large rooms into two sections.

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