Spectacular Ideas to Decorate Bedrooms

Bedroom Interior Designs

The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, the place you retire to after a long day’s work. It should reflect your personality and feature your favorite things too. Most importantly, it should feel restful, comfortable space to be yourself. Here are some ideas on decorating a bedroom perfectly:


The bed should be the most outstanding feature in your bedroom and should beckon out to you. When buying furniture, choose pieces that aren’t too large for the size of the room. Otherwise your bedroom could end up looking cramped and unwelcoming.


To create a cozy ambiance, go with soft hues of restful colors; these could include light shades of blue, green or lavender. To further personalize the bedroom, you could use toned-down serene shades of your favorite colors too.


Your bedroom should appear cozy, yet sophisticated and simple. Don’t clutter up the space – keep it simple with just a bed, bedside table, a dresser and a chest of drawers or cupboard. Accessorize with some framed photos, artwork and flowers.


Create a layered effect with ambient lighting for the whole room along with smaller accent lighting for reading. Go with adjustable lighting that can be dimmed according to your needs. Install light switches next to the bed for easy access at night.

Window dressing

Opt for a combination of curtains, sheer curtains to soften daylight and heavier drapes to darken the room and make it perfect for sleeping. Aside from being functional, curtains also add elegance to your bedroom. For greater opulence, go for floor-length drapery.


There is nothing like a plush carpet to sink your feet in at the end of the day. Carpeting not only looks luxurious but also adds cozy ambiance to your bedroom. If carpets aren’t suitable for your climate, go with a soft bedside rug instead.

Private nook

Create a cozy nook next to the bedroom window with a comfortable chair. You could use it for reading or simply enjoying the view.

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