Monsoon Care for Apartments

Monsoon Care for Apartments - Fortius Waterscape

Monsoon brings with it happy memories of carefree days spent splashing in the rain. However, the monsoon brings with it a set of liabilities too, especially if you reside in an apartment. Some of the most bothersome issues associated with the monsoons include water stagnation, moisture problems, leakages, and water seepage through cracks.

Taking timely precautions before the rains set in allows you to enjoy the reviving beauty of the season comfortably. Here are some practical steps to guide you through the proper maintenance of your apartment before the monsoons.

Service the Inverter

Since power outages are a common problem during the rainy season, service your inverter to ensure that you don’t suffer sleepless nights due to power outages.

Check for Cracks

This is the right time to seal those cracks you have been overlooking. You might need professionals to get them repaired, but it will be worth the trouble when the rains set in.

Damp Cupboards

Musty smelling cupboards and other closed storage areas are a real problem during the monsoons. To prevent the damp smell from seeping into your clothes, you could try keeping camphor balls and neem leaves to ward off the influx of certain insects too.

Rain Curtains

Install sturdy rain curtains on your balconies to prevent rain from getting onto the floor and seeping into the apartment’s interiors. Rain curtains come in attractive patterns and require professional help to install.

Monsoon Care for Apartments - Fortius Waterscape

Check for Cracks

It is not uncommon for some buildings to develop leakages and seepage through small cracks in the door or window frames aside from the walls. There are a number of ways to make your fenestration system watertight. You could either caulk it using sealants like silicone with the help of a caulk gun or you could think of using the simpler self-adhesive weather-strip tapes. They are as effective as caulking and you can apply it yourself on leaky door or window frames. They are also effective in preventing rain from seeping in from under the balcony doors.

Damp Wood

Water and moisture have an unfortunate effect of making wooden doors and door frames to swell up and not close properly. Sandpapering, or varnishing the effected part of the door can take away the jarring sound of improperly fitting doors.

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