Feng Shui Tips for your Apartment

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To keep up the energy levels of your home on a high and positive note, you need to inculcate the principles of Feng Shui. This ancient art of living deals with the relationship between energy, cosmos and man. Its tenets deal with the location of your apartment, décor, design and alignment. By incorporating these tenets into your home, you create an atmosphere for healthy and harmonious living. These tenets formulated thousands of years ago, can be applied to both single and multi-storied buildings.


Here’s a look at some generic Feng Shui tips to help in the unhindered flow of positive energy through your home.


Location of the Main Door

The main door should be the largest door and shouldn’t be close to the kitchen or opposite to it, as the positive Chi energy entering inside would be lost to the kitchen. In such a case, consider placing a screen in-between.


Location of Living Room

This room is meant for relaxation and according to Feng Shui, the central portion of the home receives least cosmic energy, making it an ideal location for the living room. But do orient your heavier furniture in the south-west sectors of the room.


Location of the Master Bedroom

Sleep is essential for good health, making the location of your bed important. The bed shouldn’t be opposite the door, neither should it receive reflected sunlight from a mirror. It should be made of warm wood instead of cold and oppressive metal. Ensure that your bedroom isn’t cluttered as it chokes energy flow.


Kitchen Location

Your health not only depends on the food you eat but also on where you eat. This makes the location of the kitchen vital for overall harmony at home. The kitchen houses elements like water, fire (stove) and metal (utensils) and a balance between them is essential. For instance, the stove (fire element) shouldn’t be adjacent to the sink or opposite to it either. It shouldn’t be opposite the door too, as it disrupts the Chi factor. The stove should ideally be kept against a wall, to ensure stability of energy.


Bathroom Location

In ancient days, the toilets were located away from the main house, but in modern homes, they are built en-suite. As energy from the toilet is incompatible with energy from the kitchen, they shouldn’t be located close to one another.


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