Do’s and Don’ts of Vastu

Do’s and Don'ts of Vastu

Vastu is an age-old science that focuses on designing buildings in such a way that they benefit the people inhabiting it. Its purpose is to use natural elements and create a flow of positive energy into the interiors of your home to help you and your families live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. It involves a set of rules and principles that are based on old practices, scientific facts and Vedic scriptures. These rules are still as relevant and applicable today as they were numerous centuries back. But you will first have to learn a few basics of Vastu. Here are a few simple do’s and don’ts of Vastu to get you started:


  • The building should preferably be rectangular or square.
  • The front entrance door should be in the north or north-east. Place an aquarium or water body in this area.
  • Ensure that the nameplate is boldly printed and is above chest level to prevent suppression or loss of status of the person.
  • Take good care of the eastern side of the building by keeping it clean, uncluttered and well-ventilated.
  • Ensure there is always sufficient sunlight streaming into the building.
  • Sleep with your head towards the southern side.
  • Keep all your important documents on the north-eastern side to keep them safe.


  • The size of the building’s plot shouldn’t be irregular.
  • The front door shouldn’t face the backdoor as all the important energy will flow out of the building.
  • The front door shouldn’t be in the south or south-west direction as it brings ill-health and loss of prosperity.
  • The building shouldn’t be located near a hospital, graveyard or a dumpsite as these locations have passive energy.
  • The toilet shouldn’t be visible from the front door, nor should it be above the dining room.
  • The building shouldn’t be located at the dead-end of a road nor should it be placed at a T-junction.
  • Don’t place a water body or swimming pool in the south or south-west to prevent loss of prosperity.
  • Don’t keep useless items in the house and open-up space for a free flow of energy that improves health.
  • Don’t keep prickly plants like cactus inside your homes.
  • Don’t hang wind chimes inside your home.

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