Design Tricks That Will Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Apartment Decoration

Decorating an apartment that is low on square footage can be challenging. However there are a number of interior designing tricks you can use to trick the eye into making space feel larger than it actually is. Here is a look at some of these clever tips:


Go with fewer, but larger pieces of furniture when it comes to your living area. Aside from appearing uncluttered, it will actually make space appear larger as there will be more space to move around.


Invest in furniture and accessories that also offer hidden storage spaces. This will get rid of unnecessary clutter and create visual space.

Exposed legs

Furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds with exposed legs create the illusion of extra space. Furnishing with hidden legs creates a boxed-in feel that hogs visual space.

Think clear

Modern furniture designs look great especially when made with transparent materials like glass, Lucite or acrylic. See-through coffee tables and chairs look appealing and take up less visual space in a smaller-sized room.


Lighter colors and hues make a room feel large and airy. You could combine light shades with a few accent features in darker shades to add depth and the impression of a larger space.

Curtain dressing

Create the illusion of a higher ceiling by hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains. Windows can also be made to appear larger by extending the curtain rod wider than the window.

Decorative art

In a smaller room, it’s better to go with a single large piece of art or wall decor instead of numerous smaller ones. Leaving a wall or two blanks will also prevent the room from appearing overwhelming or cluttered.


Instead of depending on a single overhead light, brighten up the room with wall scones that don’t take up much space.


Hanging mirrors opposite windows or bright lighting bounces off the light, making the space brighter.

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