Debunk these Decor Myths

Debunk these Decor Myths

After years of planning, you finally buy your own home and the feeling of euphoria is incomparable. And after that comes the time for decorating your home. This task might seem a little overwhelming however as there are many ‘do’s and don’ts’ going around. These rules are just myths as decorating has to do more with your own personal choices than any other person’s popular opinions. Here’s a look at some common home decor myths:


There is a popular myth that home decor is expensive; on the contrary, with home decor is only getting easier and cheaper on the online format. Going window shopping might take a little longer time, but you can get great bargains too.


There is a myth that dark colours make a room appear smaller; on the contrary, dark-coloured walls add sophistication and glamour and provide a great background to display your decor pieces.


Having everything in matching tones might make your room look monotonous so have fun by introducing cohesive coordination instead – you can showcase your personal choices this way too.


Dare to be different and create your trend by not following the current style trends. What looks good in your friend’s home doesn’t necessarily have to be present in your own home too.

Design style

Human beings are multi-faceted and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the same in their homes too. You can have a modern home design and intersperse it with antiques, a Buddha statue or Japanese prints and create a multi-layered effect in your home.

Mix and match

There’s another myth going around that you can’t mix prints and patterns; don’t fall for it however as there is no better way to show off your personal choices than by infusing colours, patterns and textures together. Checks, stripes, polka dots and flowered patterns can all live together provided the colour schemes are similar, that’s all!

Focal point

Décor rules dictate that a room can only have one centrepiece. But this is just a myth you can easily debunk. The central table can be a focal point along with some eye-catching painting on the wall or an outstanding piece of large sculpture in another corner.

When decorating your home, the number one rule is that your décor should represent your personality and style. It should represent your favourite colours, artworks, hobbies and style.

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